About SmegCraft

SmegCraft is made for the older generation of player and their family.
Leave the drama at the door and play/teach with your children in a safe and welcoming environment.

SmegCraft is whitelist ONLY!
It is compatible with Java and Bedrock editions.

SmegCraft is a Paper "Vanilla" server with some lightweight plugins for quality of life additions.


    A. Adults: Keep in mind that young people may be playing and your language and demeanour should reflect this.

    B. Children: In ​response to Rule 1) A. Children are expect to show a level of respect to adults.

    Do NOT destroy villages. If your project requires villagers, breed them at the village and transport out the new villagers. Destroying/stealing workstations will prevent other players being able to trade with them.

    Do NOT steal from other players.

    Do NOT mess with other players builds. This includes destruction and griefing.

    No killing players, This is NOT a PVP server. Although PVP is not disabled PVP is not encouraged.

    Don't leave floating trees. They look stupid and gross and stop other trees growing... take it all down.


SmegCraft has a few quality of life plugins,

Use /addhome [name] to set your home and use /home to teleport or navigate back to your house.

If you die all is not lost, Your inventory and xp will be placed into a headstone. Head back to your death site and break your headstone to regain your items.

Blue map is a live map that is ​available at smegcraft.co.uk:25566 in your web browser

Parents can have access to the inspect element of this plugin to see who has been in and out of the chests and who placed or broke blocks.

Request Access

To Gain Access, Join our Discord and tell us about yourself